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About Us


Who is Nik of Time Mktg Co?

We are a son and mom team from Orlando, Florida – the city of beautiful magic! Both veterans of the United States Air Force, and natural born creatives, we have joined forces to impact our city…and beyond!

Ricco Nico is our Master Graphic Artist, Video Impact Strategist, Music Producer, DJ, and owner of the RICCO NICO Studio – his designs’ brand under Nik of Time Mktg Co.

He is a Latino-Italiano full-time Visionary, Artist & Brand Builder, who thrives to use his creativity to empower, inspire and push the boundaries of what we call art. He loves working with conscious creatives and innovators to create timeless designs to help brands come to life.

Ricco Nico’s formal education is in Arts, A/V Technology & Communications at Orlando Tech – with competencies in Adobe Premiere Pro, Illustrator and After Effects. In the Air Force, he served as a Hydraulics Systems Engineer on B-52 Stratofortresses (Huge @$$ planes!) at Barksdale Air Force Base in Shreveport, LA.

He is the BRAIN child behind “Nik of Time Mktg Co”, at almost 6’5″, loves to TRAVEL, his rescue dog Kobe 🐕, and sports ⚽️ ⚾️!


Well, helloooo – I am Brenda Torres, Wizard of Wants & Storytelling💡 and Ricco Nico’s mom. I love writing, graphic design, photography – and all kinds of pretty things! 🎨    I served as a Pharmacy Technician in the Air Force from 1992 to 2001.

I have lived in Orlando for nearly 40 years, have been in the Marketing space for over 25 years, and hold 2 bachelor’s degrees. I am passionate about connecting people within my network and helping business grow. I am also a “Yelper Elite” and mega passionate about our local businesses. FAVORITE DISH – #Sushi 🍣

How lucky am I to work with Ricco Nico? Other quick stats: